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Gain Real-World Work Experience

Does working at one of Milwaukee’s best companies while attending high school appeal to you? Part of Cristo Rey Jesuit’s academic program involves having all students work one day a week to learn about different jobs in the community and gain valuable on-the-job experience.

We have the only student work program of its kind in Wisconsin. All students have the opportunity to work and learn skills that will serve them well in college and their careers and spend one day every week working for businesses throughout greater Milwaukee. Our students graduate with a solid education and a better idea of the type of work they want to do in the future.

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FAQ for Prospective Students

Do all students go to work?
Yes, it is mandatory for our students to participate in the Corporate Work Study Program each year they are a student at Cristo Rey Jesuit Milwaukee.

Do students choose where they go to work?
After considering students’ skill levels and interests, as well as determining the skill set needed by corporate partners, the CWSP staff will place students as they see fit.

Is there a dress code?
All students are required to wear their Cristo Rey Jesuit school uniform in school and at work.

Do students get paid directly?
The fee that is paid by our Corporate Work Study Partners goes toward the cost of the student’s high school tuition. Students do not receive any form of payment for the work they complete.

Do parents have direct contact with Corporate Partners?
No. All communications with Corporate Work Study Partners are made through the Corporate Work Study Program office. If parents need to contact their child, they must contact the school for assistance.

Are there any requirements necessary for students to begin working?
Yes. All students will need to complete a work permit and prove eligibility to work by providing appropriate documentation. The Corporate Work Study Program will inform families of all necessary documentation during Family Orientation.


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