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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Milwaukee is a private, Catholic, Jesuit high school serving students of diverse backgrounds living in Milwaukee, WI whose educational options are financially limited. Cristo Rey Jesuit’s mission is to provide an affordable Catholic secondary education with a college prep curriculum and Corporate Work Study Program to prepare graduates for success in college, work, and life.

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Feel free to reach out to any of us by email or phone – we look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Stith – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2250

Vice President for Strategic Growth
Fr. Bill Johnson S.J. – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2251

Vice President of Corporate Work Study Program
Everette Fernandes
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 3141

Luke Harrison – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2129

Senior Director of Advancement
Shannon Watry – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2202

Director of Admissions
Maria Hansen – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2117

Director of Finance and Operations
Maricruz Talavera – View Bio
[email protected]
414.436.4600 Ext. 2253