At Cristo Rey Jesuit, our expectation is that all students will graduate from high school and college, and that our academic program paves the way. We ensure that students learn at the right pace to be college ready in four years, in part through the frequent and strategic use of technology in the classroom. Teachers also take part in extensive professional development and work relentlessly and collaboratively to foster student achievement. We are committed to helping every student succeed.

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The Cristo Rey Jesuit curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills and habits they need to succeed in college. Our faculty works closely with each student to help them develop professional and life skills, including effective communication, complex reasoning, precision and accuracy, persistence, teamwork and collaboration, initiative and self-direction, and productivity and accountability.
Through the use of standards that prepare students for college-level courses, effective teaching styles that make learning engaging and possible, and instruction that is informed by classroom assessment, Cristo Rey Jesuit ensures high quality academic preparation for students.

During their four years of high school, Cristo Rey Jesuit students will gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them. They will be prepared to think and act independently, and they will graduate with a sense of responsibility to work for justice in our world and the tools they need to begin that work.

The Cristo Rey Jesuit curriculum also integrates the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Through CWSP, all students work in a professional setting, developing the knowledge and skills to prepare them well for college and the professional work environment. This valuable work experience reinforces the thinking strategies and lifelong learning behaviors emphasized in the classroom. The workplace experience allows students to apply and make connections from the classroom to the world of work. This unique combination of classroom and workplace learning prepares Cristo Rey Jesuit students for success in high school, college and the years to come.

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Cristo Rey Jesuit students will earn at least 24 credits by graduation:

  • 4 units of English Language Arts
  • 4 units of Mathematics
  • 4 units of Science
  • 3 units of Social Studies
  • 3 units of World Languages
  • 4 units of Religious Studies
  • 2 additional units of either physical education, technology, performing arts or other academic disciplines


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School knows students can face enormous challenges that can impede their learning and growth. To address these challenges, we offer a counseling program designed to respond to our students’ personal, academic and family needs. We are focused on helping students overcome any obstacles they face during their four years at our school.

Our counselors address challenges that may arise in school, at home or in the community. The counseling office helps families facing stress and ensures that social, personal and academic support is provided to all students. Every student meets with a counselor for check-ins and students who are in need of additional support are able to schedule additional appointments.

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College Counseling
We also have a college counseling staff to provide individual and in-class instruction on college admissions issues, such as entrance examinations (SAT and ACT), financial aid and scholarships, preparation for college and the college application process. In addition, admissions officers from colleges and universities will visit campus to provide parents information about the college process and pitfalls.