Milwaukee Stars Merengue

Milwaukee Stars Merengue

November 9, 2024 | Baird Center Rooftop Ballroom​

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Milwaukee will host its seventh annual version of “Dancing with the Stars” — Milwaukee Stars Merengue on November 9th, 2024. Much like Cristo Rey Jesuit, the event is fast-paced and exciting. We feature hometown stars who partner with dance professionals to choreograph and perform live original routines for those in attendance.

About Milwaukee Stars Merengue

Cristo Rey Jesuit students are Trailblazers! As we prepare to celebrate our 10th school year, CRJ students have continued to fearlessly blazed a trail for future generations to follow. They dedicate themselves to success through rigorous education, faith formation, and work readiness skills to be ultimately prepared to for their future!

Your involvement with Milwaukee Stars Merengue will help CRJ students make it to and through college, allowing them to become productive and faith-filled members of society with advanced educational degrees, real-world experience, and a strong desire to use their gifts to build our community.

Your investment TODAY will allow Cristo Rey Jesuit to sustain and continue to grow these critical elements.

Thank you for your support and commitment to the students of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School!


 If you have questions about attending, sponsorship, or event details, please contact Darby Koehne at 414-436-4600 ext. 2208.​

Join us for this exciting and energetic event!