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School Office Manager

POSITION: School Office Manager

The School Office Manager effectively prioritizes and multi-tasks to ensure the following from the school office team. The School Office Manager reports to the Assistant Principal for Student Success. This is a full-time, 12-month position. Typical daily hours are 7 AM – 3:30 PM, plus occasional evening attendance required for special events.


School Office Management

  • Manage school office operations, personnel, and processes to ensure the school office is run by a high-functioning
    team with clear priorities and delegated responsibilities and that maintains a warm and welcoming environment
  • Ensure the school office maintains and disseminates up-to-date information and effectively coordinates communication between school departments, personnel, students, families, and guests
  • Coordinate with front office personnel, staffing agencies, and other school staff to ensure adequate staffing of the front office, especially during busy times of the day and the year
  • Ensure the front office addresses parent and visitor questions and/or directs questions to appropriate staff

School Records & Facilities Support

  • Ensure accurate, up-to-date, organized student records regarding enrollment, school policy compliance, matriculation, and progress to graduation; support the ALT and IT Coordinator in accessing and reviewing records
  • Facilitate distribution and collection of student forms, including but not limited to those related to CWSP, athletics and extracurriculars, contact information, demographics, medical and health information, and fees and payments
  • Coordinate the completion of appropriate paperwork and protocols in the student withdrawal and exit process, and ensure the safe and secure transfer of student records with other schools as appropriate
  • Coordinate annual student portraits and distribution and replacement of student IDs
  • Facilitate distribution and collection of relevant staff paperwork and information
  • Assist the ALT and facilities with assigning and issuing student lockers and locker combinations
  • Assist the ALT and IT coordinator with distribution of technology to students, staff, and substitute teachers

School Finance & Compliance Support

  • Ensure timely, annual completion of family applications for Choice programs (MPCP, WPCP)
  • Support the Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) with compliance reporting for auditors, DPI, the Choice program, Jesuit Schools Network, Cristo Rey Network, Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools, etc.
  • Collect student fees and maintain ongoing, direct communication with families with overdue balances and/or hardship applications; coordinate with APSS to identify and communicate consequences for delinquent accounts
  • Maintain security of private information and information related to protected organizational assets

Student Attendance

  • Oversee daily processes for tracking and reporting student attendance in PowerSchool and other attendance tools, and work with ALT to review and improve attendance reporting
  • Ensure accurate and timely communication with families regarding daily student absences and tardiness
  • Facilitate communication between ALT and families experiencing transportation challenges or other hindrances to
    student attendance

Family Communication & Engagement

  • Ensure timely gathering and updating of family information, including contact information, preferred language, and preferred mode of communication, and support the AAtP in identifying parents in need of training on school communication tools and technologies
  • Oversee and coordinate monthly and ad hoc mailings of key information to families
  • Support ALT with school events, including Back to School Night, quarterly report card conferences, and parent meetings, including staying late to staff these events and ensuring additional front office staff presence as appropriate
  • Provide, and coordinate others to provide, interpretation of meetings and/or documents in English and Spanish
  • Support the ALT and AAtP in coordinating participation from parent volunteers in school events

Professional Presence

  • Model CRJ’s core Ignatian values: considering context, reflecting on experience, and taking action; treating all stakeholders with empathy and love; modeling excellence; prioritizing effectively; following through with commitments; communicating with integrity; serving others; expressing gratitude; spreading optimism and joy
  • Approach your personal and professional growth through a developmental lens, and enthusiastically participate in professional development and formation; seek and apply feedback from leadership and colleagues; demonstrate drive and independence in accessing resources to further your own growth
  • Contribute fully, intentionally, and constructively to the team — the Board, school leadership, CWSP staff, student and parents, and faculty and school staff—in a range of contexts; collaborate with integrity, humility, commitment, and joy to ensure the foundation of trust that will enable the team to accomplish its ambitious goals
  • Embrace the school’s goals and results as the collective responsibility of the entire Cristo Rey community; collaborate with colleagues to maximize the team’s impact; seek opportunities to push the team, to laugh with colleagues, and to recognize and celebrate the school’s accomplishments


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School encourages applicants of all backgrounds and provides equal employment opportunities to
applicants of any race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or national origin. Candidates from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged
to apply.

Successful applicants will embody the mission-commitment, intellectual curiosity, openness to growth, optimism, and zest that
are central to the character of our founding team. In addition, they will meet or exceed the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Fluency in Spanish and English required
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage time to make progress on multiple work-streams
  • Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • 4+ years of professional experience in a fast-paced office environment; management preferred
  • Commitment to the school’s unique Jesuit mission
  • Proficiency using technology to communicate and to track data


To apply, submit all of the following in pdf format to [email protected], and include the position in the subject line.

  • Resume
  • Cover letter that articulates your interest in and readiness for the position
  • Contact information for three professional references (email and phone number)


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School provides equal employment opportunities to applicants without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or national origin.