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Grad-at-Grad Formation and Student Awards

In pursuit of becoming model graduates at graduation, Cristo Rey Jesuit has incorporated a formation program to cultivate growth within each student. Through structured activities, reflection, and sharing, students have the opportunity over four years to participate in forming themselves and each other. Each school year various formation sessions are held, focused on one of the following six core values. The Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate is:

  • Committed to Justice, keenly aware of injustice and prejudice and gives of himself or herself in service to others because he or she believes in the dignity and equality of all people.
  • Intellectually Competent, constantly thinking across disciplines and cultures, always maintaining a deep respect for wisdom and truth.
  • Loving, believing that he or she is truly loved by God. The graduate sees loving relationships with others as the foundation of a Christian life.
  • Open to Growth, confident, inquisitive, reflective, motivated, and flexible. The graduate always strives for success, but is also aware that failure is an important part of learning and maturity.
  • Religious, having a sincere and deep sense of God’s presence and love in his or her life.
  • Work Experienced, having learned to be a dependable, responsible worker of integrity with high ethical standards through the Corporate Work Study Program.

For the 2016-17 academic year, the focus for freshman and sophomore students is loving. As a class and within small groups, students have reflected on and discussed how the Cristo Rey Jesuit community experiences God’s love, learned more about their individual personalities through the Myers-Briggs Test, and given of themselves in service through an all-school service day.  As we round out the year with more discussion and reflection on our own personal growth as loving individuals, plans are in the works to provide formation focused on the religious value for next year’s sophomore and junior students.  Incoming freshman will begin with a focus on loving.

Teachers and staff recently recognized students who exemplified the six Graduate at Graduation, or grad-at-grad, values.  Students who have shown exceptional academic achievement and growth received awards as well.  Congratulations to the following individuals on their achievements!

Class of 2020 Grad-at-Grad
Committed to Justice – LaNaya Greer • Intellectually Competent – Jose Gomez • Loving – Jose Aguilera
Open to Growth – Dejalis Garcia • Religious – Mercedes Powell • Work Experienced – Yailin Martinez
Class of 2019 Grad-at-Grad
Committed to Justice – Riana Santiago • Intellectually Competent – Melissa Moreno • Loving – Jessica Antonio
Open to Growth – Ashlee Caban • Religious – Nayeli Pantoja • Work Experienced – Adriana Palacios

Female Student Athlete -Victoria Rios • Male Student Athlete – Ricardo Hernandez



Class of 2020 Achievement
ELA – Marycruz Valdivia • Physics – Juan Esparza • Algebra – Nakayla Gonzalez • Humanities – Jose Gomez
Theology – Emily Saldivar • History – Jose Gomez • Art – Carlos Vazquez • Physical Education – Jesus Ramirez
Class of 2020 Growth
ELA – Eva Alonzo • Physics – Deisy Espana • Algebra – Agustin Cruz • Humanities – Marlen Reyes
Theology – Anthony Noyola • History – Karen Lopez • Art – Richard Isidoro • Physical Education – Emily Saldivar


Class of 2019 Achievement
ELA – Juana Rocha • Chemistry – Wendy Gutierrez • Algebra/Geometry – Chris Gonzalez • Spanish – Nulisa Acevedo
Theology – Victoria Rios • History – Mauricio Cortez • Theater – Amiraya McCloud • Physical Education – Ricardo Hernandez
Class of 2019 Growth
ELA – Ariel Valdivia • Chemistry – Ana Trujillo • Algebra/Geometry – Michelle Molina • Spanish – Shamira Harris
Theology – Verenise Contreras • History – Yessenia Lezama • Theater – Alyssa Saavedra • Physical Education – Nulisa Acevedo




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